The TRD Sportivo suspension parts have been designed to improve comfort, high speed stability and suspension performance, whilst also lowering the vehicle for improved appearance.

  • Improved lane change performance
  • Improved safety at high speed
  • Improved driving performance and comfort even on rough roads
  • Reduces car height from 15 to 40mm depending on the model
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Product Information

■ lane change performance improvement
A sense of stability at high speeds, and increase convergence of vehicle behavior of Rancheria roll amount when changing lanes, speed limit, along with lane change is possible.
■ high speed straight-running stability
Calming moves at high speed, as well as in the fixed rudder without discomfort, obediently it responds. High-speed cruising is stable without disturb the movement of vehicles by road irregularities, including the moderately inhibited movement of the vehicle is possible.
■ Turning performance
Guests can enjoy the swivel posture and stability, enhances turning performance, and improve the initial Steering response and, winding more pleasant, stable ride.
■ realization of linear steering characteristics
More steering characteristics to linear provides a light vehicle movements. Improved responsiveness to steering, of course, realized a natural feeling about the feel of the steering.
Shock absorbers, spring sets are always on the set install (may occur in the spring play).