Brembo’s experience and expertise in the development of entire systems allow the group to engineer more effective brake discs and to continue to improve aspects such as comfort, performance, weight and cost.

Brembo’s brake disc range encompasses the entire automobile market, with products ranging from carbon ceramic discs for the most exclusive cars and floating and co-cast discs for sports and premium models, to one-piece discs for medium sized and city cars.

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Brembo is a world leader in the development and production of brake discs. Brembo supplies makers of cars, commercial vehicles and trucks for both original equipment and original spare parts; it also produces and sells discs for the independent aftermarket.

Thanks to integration of production processes and the use of the best design and construction technologies, Brembo factories around the world have by now achieved annual production of close to 50 million discs/year.

To support its clients and their respective global expansion strategies, Brembo has production operations in Europe, USA, Mexico, Brazil and China, all implementing standardised, integrated processes, to optimise production and logistics costs.

Brembo can, therefore, offer its clients the combined advantages of a centralised product development process and localised production to maximise competitiveness and service quality for their global platforms.