VARIANCE: The New Diversity Sought by Today’s Generation.
The Innovative Five-Spoked Model V.V.5.2S

A new form with an approach different from the STRATAGIA and BLACKLABEL series, which have the wagon as a main force. Responding to the diversified needs of sedans, wagons, SUVs and European cars, the third product launched by VARIANCE is a newly proposed five-spoked wheel that is free from vehicle model restraints.
Based on the key standards of the thick and powerful five spokes that effectively express sportiness, the product is infused with a premium quality in anticipation of satisfying high-end cars such as sedans and European SUVs. In addition, the new detailed Relief Pocket, achieved by utilizing technologies developed in Japan, further highlights its presence. The advanced lightweight technology, Relief Pocket, used on the spoke side, took measures to reduce the weight of the voluminous five spokes by altering the design of the padding in the curved area between the spokes into a pocket form. This produced a spoke side with open-hole features, and by combining it with a concave design, delivered an even more elevated three-dimensional and innovative impression.

  • ・Method:Cast 1pc. Wheel
  • ・RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 1
  • ・Color:Black Pearl Engraving(VH)
    Diamond Mirror Cut side Variable Silver(VV)
  • ・Included:VARIANCE Center Cap(VH color:Black、VV color:Silver Hairline type)
    Air Valve (VH color:Black、VV color: Chrome type),
    Long Adapter
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Relief pocket born from advanced technical skills

The relief pocket on the spoke sides was born from the latest analysis technology. Removing material from the sides of the spokes greatly contributes to reducing weight but also ends up significantly influencing the strength and rigidity. The latest technology and design skills at RAYS have given birth to these details that maintain strength and rigidity while removing excess metal. This can truly be called functional beauty.

Weight reduction through undercutting

Undercutting takes place during the forging process whereby functionally unnecessary parts behind the spokes are removed using a turning process. By doing so, it achieves the dual effect of reducing weight and giving depth to the spokes.

Logo engraving utilizing machining technology

The logo engraving process used for black pearl engraving (VH) is no easy feat. It is made possible through the combination of advanced forging skills that minimize the inevitable 'distortion' that occurs in forged wheels, and accurate machining technology. In addition, the use of sparkling black pearl, which includes a mix of glitter and pearl, produces an avant-garde impression.

The no-compromise 5.2 design balance

The V.V.5.2S is a 5x2 design balance with a concave design and dipped-in center. The combination of the details and relief pocket on the sides of the spokes creates a dip greater than the size would appear to allow. In addition, you can choose between FACE 1 and FACE 2 with their different rounds depending on the car type and enjoy a variety of combinations.

Pierce hole processing

The undercut processing reduces weight and brings depth to the design. The undercut part positioned on the back of the spokes are then processed with pierce holes to reduce even more weight and provide a visual accent. The cumbersome operation of drill processing each hole is proof of how our VERSUS wheel manufacturing makes no compromises in design and possesses the high technical skills to make it possible.

Surface processing of the diamond mirror cut

The cut processing on the design surface of the diamond mirror cut side variable silver (VV) has an above average luminance and uses an even finer diamond mirror cut. Juxtaposing the high luminance mirror cut and the variable silver coating applied to the sides gives birth to shadows that enhance the details of every part and offers a type of beauty that differs from black pearl engravings (VH).