Rollout of the VERSUS STRATAGIA Avventura series based on refined technique and 3D design

The STRATAGIA Avventura series takes “Adventure” as its theme. This product line now comes in a new style befitting of adventures as a product created by exploring unprecedented, innovative ways of expression with regard to wheel design and surface treatment (for colors and processing).

  • ・Method:Cast 1pc. Wheel
  • ・RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 1
  • ・Color:Black Chrome Coating (BC)
    Cromo Ibrido+MC (YAC)
  • ・Included:Center Cap
    (BC color:Black/Red, YAC color:Chrome/Bule)
    Long Adapter
    Air Valve (BC color:Inside Aluminum Air Valve BK, YAC color::Inside Air Valve L40 RAYS Mark)
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Cromo Ibrido & MC have further evolved thanks to RAYS 3D machining

The Cromo Ibrido & MC (YAC) finish is based on 3D machining used for the black chrome coating, the first time the Avventura model adopted such a method. We express shades by using diamond to cut the black-sputtered surface to have a fascinating glitter. Creating the spoke surface through machining in multiple steps causes a sense of luxury. The VERSUS logo takes an engraved form, offering gorgeous colors based on labor intensive, high-cost processes performed unsparingly.

Prism-engraved logo shining in various colors

The VERSUS logo, engraved on the black chrome-coated spokes by machining, represents the lavish fruits of labor of the engineers who have harnessed Rays' superb knowhow. The beautifully engraved logo shining in various colors due to optical refraction has the excellence that can only be provided by a Made-in-Japan product.

Step machining

RAYS can use our 3D machining process differently based on the intended manner of expression by leveraging our excellent techniques. For the Avventura model, we adopted the step machining method to express a sense of depth even for high offsets that otherwise tend to have a sense of flatness. Showing the multi-level spoke surface with high contrast expresses a new sense of three dimensionality.

Step machining (diagram)

Step machining (adopted for YAC colors)To accentuate the disk surface, RAYS generated level differences to emphasize the 3D design more clearly. We did so by successively employing two processing techniques, diamond-cutting and machining on the black chrome-coated (sputtered) surface. Black chrome coating is a high-end surface treatment method.

3D designs

The Avventura model is based on a 3D design, which provides a sense of three dimensionality for the length, width, and depth of the spokes against wheel sizes often marked by flatness, a weakness of high-inset vehicles. The spokes slightly offset each other, allowing the top to show their dynamism. In addition to level-two spokes expressing bulkiness, level-three sub-spokes radiate a sense of depth as well as play an unprecedented visual role in the 3D design.