Sport Brake Pads by Brembo®. These are bolt-on replacement brake pads sized to match original equipment and provide superior braking on the street or track. Matches the low dust, fade resistance, and long life of a ceramic brake pad while providing the superior biting grip equivalent to metallic compound pads.

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Provides excellent level of frictional grip in cold temperatures or warm
Patented brake pad compound material matches the low dust and long life of a ceramic brake pad while providing the superior biting grip equivalent to metallic compound pads
Lower operating temperatures greatly reduce fade that results from brake fluid reaching boiling temperature in the lines
Backing plate and side edges of brake pad have a corrosion-resistant finish
Center gap allows for proper heat expansion of brake pads
Built in noise-reducing shims
Fully fitted for brake wear sensors and anti-rattle clips if your vehicle was so equipped
2-year manufacturer limited warranty
Sold as a set for two wheels
Brembo Sport Brake Pads are designed to match the exact dimensions of original equipment with extremely tight tolerances to ensure proper fit, even wear, and absence of rattles and squeaks. A patented compound blend causes far less abrasive wear on rotors without compromising brake pad efficiency or longevity. Compared to typical original equipment, Brembo pads offer almost double the pad life, fade resistance, and consistency in maintaining the same friction level stop after stop - regardless of temperature. They also rank significantly ahead of OEM equipment in the areas of progressive control as well as grip, at the beginning of brake application all the way through to a complete stop.

Brembo's compound brake material also ensures the pads are soft enough to avoid abrasive wear on rotors, but not so soft that pad longevity becomes compromised. When you install Brembo Sport brake pads with new brake rotors, you'll find the rotors will still be usable enough to last through a second set of brake pads. Built-in shims ensure any high-frequency vibration is absorbed rather than transferred as squealing noise, even under the most extreme weather conditions. Brembo warrants to the original user that these brake pads are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.

In its 50 years of existence, Brembo® has secured a prestigious place for itself in the automotive braking system sector. This position can only be held through continuous innovation in products and services, maintaining the highest possible quality levels, offering competitive prices and focusing the utmost attention on safety, individual and public health and respect for the environment. The group's Quality, Safety and Environment policy expresses Brembo's commitment to client satisfaction and ongoing improvement. more details on -